Usability & Design

We understand client needs and we have the ability to transform ideas into workable solutions. We work with Design Driven Development in all aspects from the usability analysis, the system architecture to the design of user interfaces. For us, good design is function and usability.

Cost Efficiency

We are a distributed organization composed of a core of skilled people. We work across organizational, cultural and geographical boundaries. Using Agile Development Methods, we get the work done in a swift and methodical manner.


We are located in creative and stimulating environments in Stockholm, Barcelona and Tallinn. We have an extensive network able to scale and manage small or large projects and enlist experts in niche areas.

Smart Technology

In some cases the simplest solution is the best, but sometimes you need that extra something that takes your application to the next level. We have the expertise to use the latest technology in our applications, and the experience to know when it is needed.

Work Philosophy

We have a clear and well defined agile method for the implementation of our projects. Always starting with the customer's needs we analyse Use Cases and carry out the Wireframe Process. Based on that input we continue to design the System Architecture. With architecture and wireframes approved we apply interface design and user experience design (UX). Adding the Front-end and the Backend Development is at that stage a fast and smooth process. Every step along the way, design and usability is the focus.

Partners & Collaborators

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