Medical Mobile App for AstraZeneca

MyGerdQ is a pioneering mobile disease management platform developed for AstraZeneca and for treatment of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). It is based on the GERDQ concept, a well documented and practical questionnaire for assessment of reflux symptoms, adapted to mobile and web devices such as iPhone, other smartphones, iPad and other Tablet PCs.

Mobile Advertising Platform for Telenor

In cooperation with Telenor and other mobile operators, we developed an adaptive (learning) advertising platform for the mobile phone market. The solution enabled targeted and personalized advertising in mobile media such as SMS, MMS etc. It was based on user interest and behaviours (Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Advertising and Geo Targeting).

Tablet App concept for a Life Science Company

iOS application medical report concept for a Life Science Company. The application includes database management of patient data and visualization.

News Portal for MSN

During the European Championship in Football 2008, we developed a web portal that automatically compiled search generated content and published the result on the largest media site in Sweden, MSN. The solution collected, updated and published news on all soccer players and the participating teams in the European Championships.

Media Monitoring Application for Frico France

We delivered a media monitoring web portal for the Industrial Company Frico France. The solution automatically collects and updates news for media monitoring and for business intelligence use. It compiles news feeds from more than 40 000 internet sources.

Partner Promotion Advertising Application for Åhlens

A web ad solution that retrieved products displayed at the advertiser's e-commerce site in real-time and automatically compiled these to dynamic offers on the publisher’s media site.

Various Innovative and Pioneering R&D Projects

Thanks to our background in the development of intelligent adaptive systems (Artificial Intelligence), we receive requests to participate in innovative and pioneering projects. We have participated in research projects such as:

  • Image recognition - identifying logos in sports media
  • Automatic response robot - reasoning system that autonomously responds to questions
  • Medical device and NFC - Interaction between medical devices with microchips and mobile interfaces

This video shows an image recognition platform we developed which can identify logotypes in streamed media in real-time.